The Alebrijes of Oaxaca

Based a little on the history of the Alebrijes, its origin is due to a strange dream that Pedro Linares had when he became seriously ill, shortly after his 30 years.

Debate between life and death, Linares could not avoid suffering from hallucinations, one of which allowed him years later to become one of the most important personalities in Mexico.

Many people consider that this delirium or dream allowed Pedro Linares soon after felt the need to give life to the strange beings who repeated over and over again Alebrijes.

The Alebrijes of Oaxaca are famous particularly because the creation of Pedro Linares came to this region, however later we will explain why the term was popularized so much that nowadays these crafts are known.

The first creatures of Pedro Linares were made under the technique of paper mache, it was not until years after the first Alebrijes, that the population of Oaxaca, especially the artisans, began to use wood to carve the alebrijes and paint them with striking colors , with the passage of time people began to call them Alebrijes de Oaxaca or Alebrijes oaxaqueños.

Soon people began to realize the enormous success that these small pieces could have, so whole families of artisans dedicated to crafts with paper mache or wood, made the decision to incorporate the creatures of the dream of Linares. Currently they are one of the most sold and popular crafts of Mexico, distributed throughout the world.

By: Free Walking Tour Mexico

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