What it means to a Singaporean in the tourism industry.

Welcome to Singapore!

A gateway to Asia and beyond, Singapore is internationally recognised as a young nation full of vigour and a cosmopolitan city brimming with possibilities. But beyond a vibrant city landscape, Singapore is truly a great city because of our passionate people.

And this is what it means to us – a bunch of local, young Singaporeans running walking tours.

The latest tourism brand, Passion Made Possible, celebrates the story of our island-state’s ingenuity. It captures the spirit of Singapore, where people with vision and drive forge new possibilities and bring about meaningful change.

Singaporeans are proud of these achievements, but even prouder of our sense of community, diverse cultures, rich heritage, and all the quirks that make us who we are. Most of all, we love being Singaporean, and we’re excited to share our passion for Singapore with our visitors.

Beneath our glistening city and through walking tours, we desire to uncover many stories of passionate individuals who have struggled and dedicated their lives to a dream, a cause, a passion, and brought them into reality.

Here are some stories to get you started:

1. Ken Koh, Business Development Director of Nanyang Sauce

“My mission is to build on my Grandfather’s legacy and brew the best Soy Sauce in the world, made with love, right here in Singapore!”

3rd generation owner of Nanyang Sauce, Ken Koh is well acquainted with the craft of soya sauce production, having spent childhood days working in the family business. Up till today, the soya sauce is still made traditionally, the same way Ken’s late grandfather, the founder of Nanyang Sauce, did it. Non-genetically modified soya beans are steamed before they are placed into large clay vats with salt water and wheat flour to ferment under the sun for nine months

Check out their boutique outlet: https://www.nanyangsauce.com/

2. Ana Fong, General Manager of Tong Heng

“Being young at heart is the key to keeping traditions alive and meaningful, so that younger people can relate to Tong Heng and desire to experience what we have to offer.”

As the 4th generation of the family, Ana Fong has been running Tong Heng with her aunts over the past eight years. She understands the importance of upholding brand heritage and values even as she strives to sustain the pioneer Cantonese bakery that dates back to 1935. The answer thus far is to keep to the roots of Tong Heng–to create pastries that bring happiness to customers–but to speak fluently in the today’s language of social and visual engagement.

Check out their bakery: http://www.tongheng.com.sg/

3. TY Suen, Founder of Monster Day Tours

“Live for the moment. Experience everything to the fullest. Go Big or Go Home!”

Having abandoned the auditing industry in an audacious move to disrupt the tour industry, Tat Yam founded Monster Day Tours under Woopa Travels Pte Ltd and started offering free cultural walking tours. His business planning strategy proved to be pivotal and Monster Day Tours continued to grow under his leadership to become Singapore’s #1 walking tour operator today.

Join their walking tours: www.monsterdaytours.com

Our story of A Singapore is a story of our past.

Our story of Singapore is a story of our people.

Our story of Singapore is a story we continue to build.

This is a story for all to tell.

We invite you to join us in sharing these Singapore stories and to bring to life the Passion Made Possible spirit, through products and experiences offered to visitors.

Welcome to Singapore, again.

By: Monster Day Tours

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