About us

We are a global community of independent local companies committed to provide the best pay-what-you-wish free walking tours around the world. Members of this exclusive community are the top rated walking tours in their cities respectively.

Our job is to make every experience perfect with a feeling of peace, fun, safety and friendship. We want your trip to our cities to be unforgettable with a surprise in every new place you visit.

The service is called a free tour because our walks are all about freedom. You are free to join us, free to leave us and free to decide how much you wish to contribute at the end. All this absolutely pressure-free.

We operate in the pay-what-you-wish formula because it gives access to great service to those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. We think it makes the world a better place. We trust this system because we know that those who can remunerate us more will happily do so if we try our best. That’s why we are always ready to go the extra mile to make our tours truly unique.

We believe in fairness and honesty. During our tours we offer our guests a variety of tips for their stay so that they can avoid falling in tourist traps or getting into unsafe and uncomfortable situations. We are always ready to help.

Our dream is to deliver high-quality pay what you wish free walking tours in every country of the world. Check our map to see where you can already find us. We can’t wait to show you around!